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How You Show Up In The World, Shows The World How To Treat You. Are You Walking With Love? Are You Walking In Purpose? Are You Walking As A Royal Status And Sitting In Your Divine Essence of God?

If You Are Trying To Embody More Of That In Your Life You Are At The Right Place!



W E L C O M E 

Welcome to Healing Thru Shenika Marie, where holistic wellness meets transformative experiences. I am so honored to have you here.  It is my pleasure to help you embrace a journey of self-discovery and healing as I guide you toward balance and harmony with the foundation of self-love. You are the biggest and best gift you can give to yourself and the world. Your well-being is my priority, and I look forward to supporting you on your path to awaken the God within. Get ready to embark on a journey that allows you to be the Royal Status version of you. Below is a poem I wrote admist of my own healing journey. If No One Has Told You They Love You Today 🎶 I Love You🎶

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Stepping outside the shell of the woman I use to be
Opening up to the unknown as my soul turn towards what is meant for me
Knowing that everything is gonna be alright but scared of the unknown
Embracing the language of love
I hear in my heart my soul and see in my eyes
The shift in spirit, scares me and delights me at the same damn time
Allowing the change to overcome my senses and run its course through my whole cellular makeup 
I am ready I have been waiting 
I welcome you

K. Williams, TX

"Life can be filled with many trials & tribulations, which can cause one to feel lost or alone. Shenika Marie has provided me guidance & mentorship in my personal healing journey. I enjoy my sessions with Shenika Marie, and am looking forward to joining her informative retreats!"

T. Fountain, NJ

"I’ve recently had a session with Queen Marie & to say the least it was amazing. The experience & different view points are a plus to keep in mind.
She keeps a positive mindset all the time & keeps you looking on the brighter side. She lifts your spirits & teaches you the importance of healing. One of a kind to come by, you won’t regret it."

N. Lockett, NC

"If you are ready to ascend in your your life for your absolute highest good, you are in the right place. God flows through this woman like I have never seen before. Her ability to heal, move, and shift is unparalleled. Give her a call. It will change your life."

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