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Shenika Marie M.S., LCMHC

Shaman, Licensed Therapist, Shaman,

Sound Healer, Spiritual Authority and Motivational Speaker

Shenika Marie's journey towards becoming a beacon of healing and empowerment began long before she realized the extent of her innate gifts. From her earliest memories, she felt a calling to assist others, a calling that led her down a path of self-discovery and service.


Even as a young child in elementary school, Shenika found herself drawn to help her peers who were often marginalized or picked on. It was during these formative years that she recognized her soul's mission to serve others, guided by an empathic nature that set her apart.


One of Shenika's earliest recollections of her spiritual sensitivity involves sitting with her great grandmother, a retired minister, and sensing the presence of spirits. Though she didn't fully understand the significance at the time, her grandmother's guidance to recite prayers offered a glimpse into the power of spiritual connection and protection.


As the years passed, Shenika's journey led her to explore various healing modalities, eventually becoming a trained and gifted practitioner in Reiki, sound healing, dowsing, and intuitive healing. Through Reiki, she channels healing energy to her clients, facilitating their natural healing processes while fostering a sense of interconnectedness and acceptance.


In her practice of sound healing and sacred dance, Shenika employs similar techniques to release stagnant energy, utilizing lyrical sounds and movement to facilitate energetic shifts within the body.


Beyond her professional endeavors, Shenika finds solace and balance in nature, often spending her days meditating and connecting with her inner self through song and dance. Amidst her multifaceted roles, Shenika holds the title of mother to two beautiful children as the most significant and cherished.


A pivotal aspect of Shenika's journey has been her embrace of shamanism, which she views as an integral part of her spiritual growth toward embodying the essence of the divine. Her presence and wisdom have graced numerous platforms, including podcasts and events across the United States, where she shares her insights and teachings with a wide audience.


In 2001, Shenika graduated from the esteemed Queen Afua program, a culmination of over two decades of dedication to spiritual learning and practice. Inspired by her own transformative journey, she established the spiritual sorority "I AM Queen Status," empowering women to cultivate profound self-love and embrace the lives they desire.

Shenika's unwavering desire is to serve as a vessel of healing for all in need, illuminating paths of healing and empowerment for those who seek her guidance. Through her dedication, compassion, and spiritual wisdom, she continues to inspire and uplift others on their own journeys of self-discovery and transformation.



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