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Hi! I'm Shenika

Shenika Marie M.S., LCMHC

Intuitive Healer, Licensed Therapist,

Sound Healer, Spiritual Authority and Motivational Speaker

She combines her natural ability to receive intuitive messages with reiki, sound healing, dowsing, and other healing modalities to help her clients remove blockages that keep them stagnant. She 


Shenika Marie always knew that she was destined to help people. She remembers

 even in elementary school helping her peers that would get picked on. At the time she knew that her soul’s mission would be one of service and helping. She recognized then her empathic nature made her feel different than everyone else.


She remembers sitting with her great grandmother (a retired minister) on several occasions seeing and feeling spirits out of the corner of her eye. Her grandmother told her to say the lord’s prayer  Psalm 23 and they would go away. At the time she did not share that with anyone and did not understand why.


Fast forward a few years later, As a trained and gifted Reiki Master, Licensed Therapist, Certified Dowser, Sound Healer, and Intuitive Healer; She reflects on how her world has changed and how it fulfills her to help her clients. 


In Reiki the hands are used to channel energy into her clients by focusing on the healing by activating the natural healing process of the client. She encourages the client to breathe and release, she emphasizes that we are all connected and that we all are on our own separate  journeys and that we are exactly where we need to be.


In sound healing, and sacred dance moves she uses similar techniques that  release energy but with lyrical sounds and the movement of dance. Much like reiki the energetic shifts heals the body.


When she is not actively engaged with clients, she spends her day, going to the park, mediating and balancing herself through song and dance.


“In a twenty four hour period, I wear many hats but the most important hat I wear is that of a mother of two beautiful children.”

Her desire is that she continues to be a vessel of healing  to all that need it.


                                                                                       Peace and Blessings Shenika Marie

This is a great place to tell your story and give people more insight into who you are, what you do, and why it’s all about you.


“Remember that you are loved ,If no one told you today, I love you”

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Shenika Marie truly has healing hands. I call on her often to shift my energy and clear my chakras and she does it via telephone. When she clears my chakras, it enables me to open myself up on several spiritual levels. Shenika Marie is not only a trained Reiki Master, I am a witness that God has gifted her to tap into the spirit of her clients to heal them on so many levels.  - Misty

I had an AWESOME experience with Shenika, First of all I the universe definitely played a part in us meeting, I went for a job interview and ended up having a Spiritual interview 😂❤️Shenika read me like a book😂, it was a beautiful overwhelming Spiritual experience. She actually TOLD me what was going on in life, and with me. Shenika gave me breathing techniques to use as well as encouragement to embrace my gifts. All I know is... she’s a REAL HEALER, I was on a Spiritual High for two days. I know where to go for Healing...❤️❤️❤️💫💫💫 - Lexi

I feel like I’ve been asleep for five years and someone finally woke me up today.  I feel like someone looked inside my soul and regardless of what they saw they didn’t judge me.    She made me feel like she loved what she saw and helped me to realize that I should do the same.  The best thing that happened today was I let go of the fear Ive been holding onto for so long.  I now feel so empowered like I can take on anything.  It’s like I met a new person today (a new me) and I can’t wait to get to know her better.  And I thank God for the person in my life who helped me feel all of these things and more today.  -Shell B

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